Grilled Vegetable & Buttermilk Chicken Fettuccine

June 22, 2012
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Since our big move we’ve been grilling rather frequently. The combination of a quiet neighborhood and comfy porch has, despite the uncomfortable heat, lured us outside to man a punishingly hot grill. The previous owners of the house were even nice enough to leave us an immense gas grill, but we usually stick to our […]

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Casarecce with Ricotta & Gremolata

March 18, 2012
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Recently we found ourselves lousy with fresh, homemade ricotta. The ricotta in question was leftover from an the NOMA Art in Bloom Patron Party where we served ricotta and gremolata crostini to the well dressed masses. Leftover ricotta you say? How terrible could that possibly be? Well the next time you have 12 pounds of ricotta on […]

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Goat & Greens Ragu

March 5, 2012
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Hollygrove Market & Farm  is a weekly stop for us. Saturday morning goes something like this: groan and peel myself out of bed, feed the dog, attempt to work out and then limp over to Hollygrove to check out their fresh, local produce. Lately Hollygrove has been adding to its stock of local fruits, veggies […]

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Orecchietta with Caramelized Shallots, Hashed Sprouts & Bacon

January 24, 2012
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After a week away it was certainly nice to get back into the kitchen. My pots, pans, radio station, all missed just the tiniest bit more then I would like to admit. While I obviously enjoy restaurants and nights out, there is something to be said for complete control over your cooking and eating space. […]

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Fettuccine & Rabbit Ragu

December 6, 2011
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If you are a resident of New Orleans you’re most likely aware of the new Rouses on Baronne Street in the CBD. Unless you live under a rock, you have heard, seen or read about this new location and the importance it holds within the New Orleans community, specifically within the ever expanding corridor that runs […]

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Spaghetti alla Carbonara

October 31, 2011
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Carbonara is an Italian pasta sauce created by combining eggs, cheese and bacon. It’s thick, creamy, rich and filling and is as easy to make as it is perfect for these first cool nights of early winter (I’m looking at you East Coast). The combination of ingredients creates a dense, gooey sauce that coats the pasta […]

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Spinach Gnudi with Lemon Sage Butter

August 26, 2011
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Bouligny Tavern here in New Orleans makes some mighty fine Gnudi. They are light and fluffy, yet rich enough that three medium sized Gnudi are the perfect appetizer. What is a Gnudi you ask? Think of it as a dumpling or maybe a potato-less gnocchi made with ricotta. They are essentially the filling of ravioli, minus the ravioli. […]

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Basil Crab Ravioli with Saffron Tomato Sauce

July 1, 2011
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Every week I pass up the opportunity to buy fresh lump crab meat, be it at the farmers market, super market or a restaurant. Maybe it’s the ubiquity of crab meat in New Orleans, topping any and all dishes at local restaurants from Drum to Eggs Benedict to Cucumber Soup. I just don’t quite see […]

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Linguine with Clams

June 28, 2011
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Clams are not on my radar. I don’t think about them, I don’t cook them, and I rarely order them at restaurants. It may have something to do with an unfortunate experience with steamers as a child. Those nasty little tongues still freak me out. Maybe I’m just a philistine. Recently I walked out of […]

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Impress Yourself: Acqua Al 2

June 16, 2011
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As I have mentioned before once upon a time I spent an incredible summer in Florence. Most of the time we fed ourselves from the tremendous and mouthwatering Mercato Centrale, full of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and cheese. When we found the time and the money we headed out on the town to a late […]

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