Spaghetti alla Carbonara

October 31, 2011
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Carbonara is an Italian pasta sauce created by combining eggs, cheese and bacon. It’s thick, creamy, rich and filling and is as easy to make as it is perfect for these first cool nights of early winter (I’m looking at you East Coast). The combination of ingredients creates a dense, gooey sauce that coats the pasta […]

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Things We Love: Acetaia Cattani Balsamina

October 28, 2011
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Let me introduce you to Acetaia Cattani. Based in Modena, Italy they are makers of high quality aged balsamic vinegar. Recently they have produced Balsamina or Balsamic Jelly. We bough ours ages ago at Rubiner’s Cheesemonger  in Great Barrington, MA but you can also find it on a variety of online retailers. It’s a powerful, tangy jelly, rendered from aged […]

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July 18, 2011
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Hey y’all! I missed you.  Gourmand and I just spent a wild few days in Miami (me) and Vegas (he). Too much to recap and cover this morning, so while we catch up and catch our breath here is a delicious recipe for one of my favorite dishes, Porchetta. Porchetta is a succulent and savory […]

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Impress Yourself: Acqua Al 2

June 16, 2011
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As I have mentioned before once upon a time I spent an incredible summer in Florence. Most of the time we fed ourselves from the tremendous and mouthwatering Mercato Centrale, full of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and cheese. When we found the time and the money we headed out on the town to a late […]

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Come Si Dice: Weekly Menu Spotlight?

March 16, 2011

The Gourmet: Hey guys, it’s been a while. My how I’ve missed you. I’ve also missed cooking, dining out, drinking wine, having a life and all of those other blog related details that allow me to write post more often then every two weeks or so. Mardi Gras behind us and the last three weeks […]

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