Grilled Haloumi & Marinated Zucchini

February 25, 2012
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We’ve been experimenting with Haloumi a bit lately. Haloumi is a semi firm cheese that hails form Cyprus.  Due to its high melting point you’ve most likely eaten it grilled or fried, a common and delicious way to prepare it. The cheese is mild and salty and does not give off the greasy, unpleasant by-product […]

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California Take 3: And Then There Was Food

January 30, 2012
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I could certainly never write about San Francisco and Napa Valley without mentioning the food. Oh the food! California is a veritable garden of Eden, filled with enough culinary delights to keep anyone returning for decades (I am already planning our relocation). We have sung the praise of the areas local oysters, but have we mentioned the beef? […]

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Homemade Mozzarella & Sausage Pizza

October 24, 2011
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After making ricotta on a few occasions recently I couldn’t help but become interested in other easy to make cheese. After thumbing through Home Cheese Making by Ricki Carroll, Mozzarella seemed to be the the logical next step as it is relatively easy to process and does not require aging, coating or pressing like a […]

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Swedish Cheese Tart, Reimagined

June 8, 2011
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“Swedish Cheese Tart” is not the most exciting recipe I have ever come across. It is, for that matter, an incredibly dull version of the sexier, Gallic version; the Quiche. I was thrilled, then, when this red-headed stepchild of a quiche turned into a delicious and indulgent meal, easily thrown together in a few minutes and a […]

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