Burnt Orange Caramel Ice Cream with Candied Pecans

August 4, 2012

Hi Friends! Here’s a lovely, rich ice cream to keep you busy while we bounce back from our two weeks in Norway. We’re a little worse for wear after a 48 hour return trip extravaganza, but we’ll be back next week with some more fresh, summery recipes so keep an eye out. Burnt Orange Caramel […]

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Fennel Citrus Salad

July 12, 2012
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This week we’ve been developing recipes based around citrus. It has been more of a challenge then anticipated, as I did not want to solely depend on desserts and sweets to fill in the blanks. At the same time, I wanted to avoid obvious choices such as Duck a l’Orange or Orange Glazed Chicken. So, […]

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Fourth of July Round Up!

July 5, 2012

Happy belated 4th of July to all of you out there! We hope you all enjoyed the holiday with friends and family and took a few moments to reflect on what it means to be a part of this country. Here in New Orleans we celebrated the birth of our nations with food, games, a […]

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Grilled Vegetable & Buttermilk Chicken Fettuccine

June 22, 2012
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Since our big move we’ve been grilling rather frequently. The combination of a quiet neighborhood and comfy porch has, despite the uncomfortable heat, lured us outside to man a punishingly hot grill. The previous owners of the house were even nice enough to leave us an immense gas grill, but we usually stick to our […]

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Pizza Margherita

June 13, 2012
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Hi Friends! Remember us? We used to write about food, mostly in New Orleans, sometimes in funny places like the North East and Europe. We even posted recipes and reviewed the occasional restaurant. Delicious! Well, I don’t have to tell you that life gets messy and busy and complicated. We’ve recently had the great fortune […]

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German Potato Salad

April 18, 2012
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It’s BBQ season and we’ve been treated lately to a great variety of ribs and chicken courtesy of some serious BBQ junkies from Texas. Peach, blackberry, coffee and many other marinades of secret origin led to platters of succulent, juicy ribs and soft, perfectly pullable chicken.  As delicious as coffee rubbed ribs sound, woman cannot live […]

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Coconut & Grapefruit Ceviche

April 1, 2012
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As evident by the lack of recent posts, we’ve been spending a lot of time in the city’s dining establishments and very few nights at home cooking. An endless parade of house guests will do that to you. While it’s great for the soul, it’s not so good on the wallet and after too many nights of […]

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Orange Ginger Chia Pudding

March 6, 2012
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At long last my best friend Gena is paying us an overdue visit. This means that, on top of much gossip, catching up and horror movie watching (sorry, Gourmand), there will also be many visits to local veg friendly spots like Satsuma Cafe, Wandering Buddha, Beaucoup Juice and Superfood Bar. It also means a bunch of home […]

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Grilled Haloumi & Marinated Zucchini

February 25, 2012
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We’ve been experimenting with Haloumi a bit lately. Haloumi is a semi firm cheese that hails form Cyprus.  Due to its high melting point you’ve most likely eaten it grilled or fried, a common and delicious way to prepare it. The cheese is mild and salty and does not give off the greasy, unpleasant by-product […]

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Seared Scallops with Parsnip Mash

November 1, 2011
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A simple and delicious recipe for your Tuesday morning. We recently had a wonderful dish at Gautreau’s Restaurant (named one of NOLA’s top 10 of 2011 by Brett Anderson), a seared scallop appetizer on a bed of creamy corn pudding topped with fava beans and bacon vinaigrette. The scallops were plump, the corn pudding creamy and sweet. […]

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