Things We Love: Fabrique Délices Boudin Noir

by . on June 21, 2011

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The first time I ever encountered Boudin Noir was a few years ago at Cafe Degas, the charming mid-city restaurant. Much to my amusement the sausage in question was not from Louisiana but hailed from far off, exotic San Fransisco. Years and many boudins later, I consider myself to be a pro. Nothing yet has touched the creamy, mouth watering, completely sinful complexity of that Boudin Noir.

Cue Fabrique Délices, a San Fransisco Charcuterie that offers numerous pates, mousses, confits, sausages, compound butters and, lo and behold, a perfect Boudin Noir, a traditional French blood pudding sausage made from a mix of beef blood, pork snouts, onions and spices. So good! I would bet serious money that this is the same Black Boudin that I happily encountered so many years ago at Cafe Degas. Then again, I could be wrong. Right or wrong, this is some seriously delicious sausage.

While a variety of establishments around town carry selections from Fabrique Delices, predictably it is most often their pates and mousses, I have yet to find the Boudin. But, oh, the magic of the internets. A quick search and a few clicks later and the creamy sausages were steaming their way towards Louisiana. While Fabrique Delices does not sell to the general public, their products can be found at more then enough online retailers, including Mirepoix USA and The Frenchy Bee. If you have ever had the pleasure of house made Boudin Blanc or Boudin Noir you should, for the sake of your taste buds, give this version a try.

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