Red, White and Delivered Monthly

by . on November 3, 2010

The Gourmet:

Gourmand is from a strange and far away land called Europe, where people have funny accents and are Socialists (!). So, when we got married this past summer his industrious friends pooled their money to buy us a gift that could be easily transported back to America. The result was the most wonderful wedding gift of all time: A 12 Month Subscription to Williams Sonoma’s Wine Club. *Swoon.

Now, in our house we face two major challenges when it comes to wine: A) I cannot afford to buy the wines that I want to drink and B) Gourmand would not know the difference between a box of Franzia and a bottle of Petrus if he harvested the grapes himself.


For those of you who also may not be the most discerning of wine drinkers, please see Exhibit A:

The solution to this oenephilic dilema is The Entertainer. A monthly delivery of six bottles of fine(ish) wine (4 red, 2 white) all priced around $30. Now, I don’t know about you, but I intend one day to drink hundred dollar bottles of wine like they are going out of style, but until that day comes a $30 bottle will do the job just as well. So far the bottles have run the gamut from a McLaren Vale Grenache to a Napa Chardonnay, with very few misses.

Gourmand and I await our monthly wine deliveries like little kids waiting for Santa Clause on Christmas morning, minus the footy pajamas of course. After a few missed deliveries and days of package tracking, the final delivery arrives and what joy!

Oh boy! Oh boy!

In this month’s box we were introduced to the following: Ma(i)sonry Sauvingon Blanc, Christophe Cordier Mâcon-Charnay, Capanna Rosso di Montalcino, Domaine de Saumarez Coteaux du Languedoc, Anfra Nero dei Due Mori and Star Lane Cabernet Sauvignon. Don’t worry, I have never heard of any of these wines either, but my don’t they sound tasty.

Now Gourmand and I don’t drink like we used to, working is much harder to do when hungover, so six bottles last us quite a while. Now at dinner, we can enjoy a lovely non-boxed wine that we can both agree on. At least until we can afford some Petrus.


It isn’t so much that I can’t tell the difference between good and bad wine, as it is that I just really like both. Some times I even prefer bad wines to good ones. The best/worst example of that is my love of Greek table wines, as in that crap you get some metallic vessel in a taverna in Greece. It has to be said though that my love of bad wine only applies to red wine. Cheap white wine sucks, and really the only white wine I truly love is Trimbach Riesling. I am also unable to enjoy cheap cognac. Anyway I love getting good wine delivered on the doorstep, even though it is pearls for swine some times. 


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