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The saga of Parasols and Tracey’s has been written about, spoken of and poured over for the last few months in New Orleans. You can read about it here, here and here. Being a stranger from these here parts, I don’t particularly have a dog in the fight one way or another. I do however love po’boys, so I am always thrilled to have yet another option for the sandwiches. I say more the merrier, especially when it comes to po’boys.

We recently headed to Tracey’s just after their post Saint Patty’s day mayhem, in order to partake in some po’boy taste testing. While they were short quite a few items due to the Celtic revelry of the previous week, we were able to find many options on their long menu.

First off, let’s talk about location. Its big, airy, and bright with copious seating options including a handful of tables outside under a huge, gnarled oak tree. And on scenic magazine street no less. Not bad. Quite good actually.

While the original Parasol’s (and now the new Tracey’s) is known for its Roast Beef Po’Boy, I stuck to my usual fried oysters, while Gourmand, as deliberate and regular as clockwork, ordered fried catfish. We may also have gilded the lily just a wee bit by ordering fried pickles and fried boudin for good measure.

Maybe we should have ordered the Roast Beef. Fried food can come in all shapes and sizes and offer varied new flavors and tasting experiences. Most of the time though fried food is just fried food. In Tracey’s case it was nothing particularly exciting. The fried boudin balls have got nothing on those at Boucherie, with their pickled jalapeno vinegar, while on the other hand, the fried pickles were far superior to the dripping, greasy version at River Shack. As for the po’boys, they were good. When are the fundamentals of a po’boy not good? It’s hard to make the combination of fried fish, lettuce, tomato, mayo and leidenheimer bread taste bad, but I found that both sandwiches were just another in a long line of decent sandwiches. This is not necessarily a bad thing. If I want something fancy and dripping with sauce and toppings I’ll go to Crabby Jacks, but for your basic fried fish po’boy, Tracey’s certainly gets the job done. I am always thrilled to add another shop to the long list of dependable stalwarts where I know I can find a well made, classic and simple po’boy. Tracey’s is yet another on that long list.

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